*Money Management Ideas

Apps (Free!)

I recently learned of Lemon (seen in this demo video), which can store all your credit cards, paper receipts and bills onto your smartphone (thru photographing).  It can also keep track of all your spending, categorized–so you can see at a glance how much damage you’re up to!  If you lose your wallet or smartphone, your password at Lemon helps you retrieve all your info.  Boo-urns if you get hacked tho…

Secure Investments

If you live in Canada, you might check out this site (Moneyville), which shows a side-by-side view (well, it’s vertical) of what different institutions are offering for GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates).  This is compiled by one of the country’s biggest newspapers, the Toronto Star.  Be careful whenever depositing a chunk of change, esp. if you’re dealing with a small trust or credit union, to check what their upper limit $, or number of years of an investment for deposit insurance is (like if they only insure $60,000, don’t be depositing more than that in one account–or if it’s max 5 years, then you are SOL in that 6th year if the bank/trust should go under).

Google a financial product comparison for your country!  Who is the site run by?  Are investments shown secure or is there potential to lose money due to risk?  Read disclaimers.

Wading into the Murky Waters of Investing in Stocks / Equities

I used to read this site (Morningstar), which has since gotten way more cluttered with a whole bunch of info-graphics.  But still, it can be a good all-in-one place to read up on certain stocks / industries you are interested in or maybe already invested in!  If you login, you can even manage your portfolio by listing your stocks and getting the low down on them every day through detailed … info-graphics. It’s stressful and micro-manage-y.  But, I guess it’s an option!   Morningstar gives quite opinionated analysis of what it thinks of featured stocks.  See how it wrote about the Facebook stock in June 2012 to see what I mean.

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