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I was happy to see this completely FREE resource created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the entity that insures your savings account up to $250,000 in the US automatically via insured banks) put up in March 2012.  I’ve been checking out their podcasts useable by instructors or just by yourself to learn at your own pace.  The “tips” go as basic as why you shouldn’t store your money in your mattress at home (hello: fire, nosy cousins), but also explain stuff like why leasing a car can be cheaper than buying one (think: do you really need the USE of a car or the OWNERSHIP of it?).

As well, they have tools to help people plan for retirement or manage their mortgage.

High School teachers and their students in the US are encouraged to take part in a nation-wide Financial Capability Challenge (end date April 13, 2012)–it’s a 30-minute online quiz.  It might be worth it to check the state of your students’ grasp of finance and economics before they graduate.

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