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Shopping: The Worst Fairytale, Ever

February 19, 2015


Anyone who has a 5-year-old Disney Princess in their life has probably gotten: glitter butt from a sofa she’s been sitting on, poked in the eye by a tiara or has waded ankle-deep through dolls and accessories to deliver a glass of royal apple juice. On Saturdays while visiting my nieces, I marvel at the […]

The Wolf of Wall Street can bite me

February 25, 2014


“If I lost it all without losing the money of any other people, it wouldn’t bother me a lot.  If I took other people down with me, it would kill me.  That would destroy me.  I’m not sure I’d recover from that.  But if it was my money, it wouldn’t make any difference at all […]

Russell Brand’s “Let’s Eat Cake” Revolution

October 31, 2013


Russell Brand, nowadays’ Rasputin-lite, delights ladies of tsarist first-world comforts because he is a king of hypnotic elegies!  Whatever he has to spill on about is so goldenly woven compared to the dry, flavourless thatch of overused subject-verb-objects that we’re accustomed to, from the lazy media.  It’s as if Rumplestiltskin has been lovingly swallowed whole […]

Of Mice and Men: The Economics of Imprisonment

October 11, 2013


Criminal defense lawyer to over 100 cases, David R. Dow, came out on the TEDx stage in Texas last year to talk about one of his clients who got the death penalty.  Once a 5-year-old boy chased down by his mother with a butcher knife, then raised by an older brother who committed suicide, then […]

An Economy Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Proud Of

August 27, 2013


I went to my first gay wedding a few weeks ago.  Incidentally, I learned that the term “gay wedding” is probably redundant.  It wasn’t so much that two men were getting married, but rather like most gay situations: But as beautifully unremarkable as this event was, I realized that it is only recently that in […]

Off Target: Bad at Chasing Retail Tail

April 14, 2013


I can’t tell you how excited a bunch of us ladies got about the debut of Target Canada a couple of weeks ago.  My sister and I, her friends, mine, my high school teachers from like 20 years ago, my friend’s friend, my coworkers—all of us on Facebook were going!  We weren’t just gonna check […]

The Tao of Vanilla Ice

March 14, 2013


If I could leave 1990 behind, the year that two of the most annoying songs ever broke out like a rash of zits on my 13-year-old face, I would. Can’t Touch This, by MC Hammer Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice were played in malls.  In every store.  At Cotton Ginny.  At the frickin’ Bay.  […]