About Me

I am a Canadian who one day saw the idiocy in trying to live a fulfilled life and to maintain my health, yet not understanding money–the one thing that will determine the quality of life one spooky day when I can no longer earn it.  Being Asian, I learned, was sadly not enough for navigating this money-centred world.

On a larger scale, I’ve come to realize that all around us, exists a culture of preying on our ignorance in understanding money–the biggest rewards go to those who do it best.  I am tired of real estate agents (except my friends!), investment bankers with their 2.6% MERs, terrible banking products, and governments that do nothing to curb bad business practices. The more “civilized” we are, it seems, the more insidious the methods of erasing evidence of economic and financial predation, and even of legitimizing it through legislation. LE SIGH.

Thinking about my country’s first-world education, the LACK of financial and economic literacy in schools despite unparalleled relevance to our lives (i.e. I’m talking way more than the ability to conjugate French verbs), is disturbingly conspicuous.

In my professional life in Toronto, I am a management consultant who works with non-profits whenever they have need for someone with extra time to dig through numbers. Sometimes, I do reparations on botched boob jobs by previous consultants, metaphorically speaking. Other times, I encourage organizations to choose their own adventure, but with the benefit of seeing how the numbers might work out, for each adventure.

By all means, check out my impertinent ramblings:

Picture 203

Or, listen to these speeches on financial literacy for kids:

Click this picture to see the video (it won’t embed). From July 9, 2012.

Or, follow the progress that a team of comic book illustrators and I are making with a graphic novel about the Creation of Money / Economic Literacy.  Our goal is to broach this topic with adults (!) who have never learned it, in a way that doesn’t suck.

(Our Kickstarter and StartJoin campaigns in November of 2014 raised a few hundred pre-orders and $35,000 – 38,000):



2 Responses “About Me” →

  1. Peter Davis

    August 23, 2012

    Hi Gen:

    Linda sent me your TED presentation. I think you are terrific!!!!


    Peter Davis


    • Green Rabbit

      August 23, 2012

      Thanks Peter!! It’s just the kind of thing you’d like! 🙂


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