About This Blog

At worst, you’ve come here by searching “Vanilla Ice” (true story) and now I have your IP address.  At best, you’ve come here to learn a little more about finance and economics and have found  this many-tentacled creature to be somewhat more tamed through my incantations.  As a result, you’re more on your way to making it your source of calamari, whereas before, you were its regular source of deep-fried Ha’DIbaH.  That’s not to say there are shamanistic recipes to make you rich–I just hope you leave feeling less fraught about this topic.

Oh, and I’ve kept this blog as a small rebellion against those who have kept finance and economics in the dark by writing about it, when it’s written about at all, in the DULLEST WAY POSSIBLE.  At least I threw some Klingon in there.  Geez.

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