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A Japanese Monkey of Love (and Money)

July 29, 2012


I have a small obsession with monkeys.  Probably because of my first favourite toy as a child, a Monchichi.  Two Japanese tourists who came to Canada’s tiny province of Prince Edward Island had given one to each my sister and I. My family had been political refugees and were kinda the only Asians on the […]

Rock Star Economists: On Grass with Dr. Steve Keen

July 11, 2012


In case you haven’t heard, our beloved nerds over in Paleontology have recently discovered that several species of dinosaurs, which up until now had been thought to be separate, were actually baby vs. teen vs. adult versions of just one! And that the bone structure of a dinosaur was liable to change so much as […]

TED Global 2013: Financial Literacy

July 9, 2012


This is me hoping to get Financial Literacy / -Education / -Philosophy to be taught in schools and on the TED Global stage in Long Beach, California in 2013. I don’t know why they did extreeeeeeme close-ups of my head  I notice that my style of dipping and diving is great for mermaid-dom and excitable […]

The Anatomy of a Business Model

July 5, 2012


I was dismayed to learn that during a recent performance, Madonna, in what many have since chided her for doing, revealed a nipple.  Yawn and yawn, on both accounts. Growing up, the infallible big-sister Italian (yes) beauty of Madonna was a great source of fun for us girls watching.  She wore whatever, did whatever and […]

A Galilean Gesture: Eating with Dr. Steve Keen

July 2, 2012


The other Thursday, I ended up at a pub with Galileo.  Yes, the pre-eminent 17th century Italian astronomer who died while under extenda-remix house arrest by the Catholic Church for being…right.  Yes, THE Galileo who has since been universally un-begrudged; converting through the vision of his telescopes, every last flat-earthling. He appeared to me as […]