TED x Teachers

Posted on March 22, 2012


The second of its kind was held at Tokyo International School on March 2 in Tokyo, Japan (!)  I spoke about Financial Literacy and how some 3rd graders I taught evolved the concept in their very own inspired way.

* A Huffington Post article shows that only 50% of American schools require any economics course in order to graduate.  According to Annamaria Lusard, an economics professor at George Washington University School of Business, in the Council on Economic Education report:

“The financial crisis has put economic news on the front pages of newspapers daily, requiring individuals not just to be abreast of concepts such as deficit, national debt, and interest rate spread but also to evaluate the economic reforms that political leaders are proposing.  Just as it was not possible to live in an industrialized society without print literacy—the ability to read and write—so it is not possible to live in today’s world without being financially literate. To fully participate in society today, financial literacy is critical.”