Where to Start?

Posted on March 15, 2012


My friend Simon can figure his way out of a black hole using an allen key.  This kid is so handy and helpful we don’t  know if we should call him Mom or MacGyver.  Well, when I was thinking of learning about money in the aftermath of the 2008 #$%^&??!, this was the starting point he told me about:

(Bless these people who took the time to produce such understandable stuff)


Oh wait, then Simon followed up with more links:

“Watch these videos in order and at the end you will know more about what is going on in the world economic crisis than almost anybody.

1. Money As Debt – a great intro.


2.The Federal Reserve – you need to understand this [UPDATE: this is a download, which you might not want to…download.  The old link died]

3.The Crash – everyone involved knew the system was unsustainable

Part 1:

Part 2:


4.&5.Two excellent videos from PBS Frontline – Bear Stearns Collapse etc.


Once you understand all this you will see why the US stimulus package is really scary.
Ask yourself if they are really attacking the root of the problem or are they patching it.
Look at how many people supposedly fixing the problem were involved in creating it.


Now you will see why the G-20 summit may make for some excitement.” (- Simon)

I also recommend “Who’s Counting” a documentary (by?) about Marilyn Waring, a former New Zealand MP who gives a highly educative, easy-to-understand, look-through on all the things inexplicably left out of those economists’ equations, and spookily, how the UN’s economic standards, developed in the 1950s, have affected EVERYTHING.  (It is leftist, but I guess someone’s got to be!) (- Genevieve)

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