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My Proposal to the NBA

March 22, 2012


At 5’2, I don’t mean THAT kind of proposal, even though it might even out my progeny! Recently, a Harvard Economics graduate has been chosen to play in the NBA—a rare occurrence not only because Harvard is not known for its basketball, but because only 20% of NBA players hold college degrees and only 2 […]

TED x Teachers

March 22, 2012


The second of its kind was held at Tokyo International School on March 2 in Tokyo, Japan (!)  I spoke about Financial Literacy and how some 3rd graders I taught evolved the concept in their very own inspired way. * A Huffington Post article shows that only 50% of American schools require any economics course […]

The Decline of the Client

March 17, 2012


More of us working in banks or as clients of banks need to be sharing our experiences dealing in finance.  Let’s talk about it over sandwiches!  These businesses need to prosper or fail based on their ability to be of value in our society.  Just the other day, Greg Smith, a former Goldman Sachs employee, […]

Where to Start?

March 15, 2012


My friend Simon can figure his way out of a black hole using an allen key.  This kid is so handy and helpful we don’t  know if we should call him Mom or MacGyver.  Well, when I was thinking of learning about money in the aftermath of the 2008 #$%^&??!, this was the starting point […]