Top 10 Global Economic Inequalities

  1. Women who are fighting for equal pay and equal presence bankrupting their families in legal battles;
  2. The world’s 3rd world factory workers who are asserting their rights to safety and health, losing lucrative factory-building contracts for their countries;
  3. Children who are paying with their bodies for their families to participate in an economy at all, making the trade go even more underground;
  4. New graduates who are fighting the cross-bearing of tuition debt in exchange for meaningful employment, risking default on their record or rising compound interest;
  5. World Bank and IMF borrower countries who are fighting terms of their loan that will leave them in a worse position than they started, risking embargoes and economic sanctions;
  6. Citizens who are standing up to corruption, risking death: their governments are getting kickbacks for selling off natural resources; accepting bribes to enact ridiculous contracts paid for by aid money and embezzling social security;
  7. Citizens who are demonstrating against important shared land and resources being sold to developers, being gassed by their own elected government;
  8. Children who are availing themselves to cocoa, diamond, coffee, garment, precious metal industries, supporting someone else’s luxuries, at the opportunity cost of their own education
  9. Previously colonized countries with their depleted resources who hardly have a fair footing in global economic participation;
  10. Countries who have suffered civil war because of retribution against favoured tribes in colonial governments.   This sets them back decades in education and gender rights.
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